Mathias’ experience as a Global Graduate

24 Jul 2020
Global Graduate
Life at BAT

My name is Mathias and I work as a Global Graduate at BAT. I started as a Global Graduate in July 2018, and thus far, I have not regretted it one second. Currently, I am on my first rotation (out of four rotations in total). I currently work in the Brand Activation team, where I am part of developing activation strategies and providing consumers with best in class brand experiences across our different categories. Many of our new products are becoming digital, which is very new for us. I am in the heart of this transformation, which is exciting!

In this blog post, I am going to run you through why I chose to become a Global Graduate, how my journey has been so far, and what I look forward to the most.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics
along with a master’s degree in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School. This combination of studies has given me a broad perspective into both economics and marketing. I applied for the Global Graduate Program at BAT based on several reasons. As of right now, you probably won’t find an industry that is facing bigger challenges than the tobacco industry. The whole industry is standing is facing one of the biggest transformations it has ever seen, and I really wanted to take part in this transformation and influence that journey.

Furthermore, I found it really appealing to be part of a truly global organization. BAT is one of the top 100 most valuable companies in the world. The company operates in more than 120 markets worldwide, which makes it truly global. For me, it is a privilege to be part of such an organization. Finally, I knew that the Global Graduate Program would be the perfect foundation for my future career, based on the exposure to different levels of management.

My journey as a Global Graduate has exceeded my expectations. My start at BAT has been exciting, challenging and developing. I have been on field visits in Sweden and the Netherlands. I have visited one of our factories to see how we produce our products. Furthermore, I have been assigned to different projects—as well as gotten responsibility for driving my own projects. In BAT, you get responsibility from the very first day. You have a steep learning curve. Besides your daily work, BAT also has a high focus on your personal development. Within my first four months of work I have been attending several workshops that have provided me with new tools for my future development.

One of my favorite workshops was together with my team, where we spent a whole day in Tivoli, working with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Here, I got to know myself and my team members even better. The workshop facilitated insights into how I work as an individual, what stresses me, and how I cooperate with different personality types. In general, I have been positively surprised of how big of an effort and investment BAT puts into talent management. As an example, I have been assigned with a mentor and coach that will support me in my journey. It is truly inspiring to get the opportunity to work with senior stakeholders, and I highly appreciate this opportunity. BAT is so much more than just a job. Your colleagues become your friends. BAT ensures to make space for developing close ties to your co-workers with different team events where it’s all about having fun together. I have only been here for a few months, but I already have made great friends.

The Global Graduate Program is a true accelerator of your career. For the next two years, I will have four rotations in diverse functions along with an international assignment. I am super excited about my future experiences as well as the challenges I am going to face. I am looking forward to getting a holistic view of the organization and the different functions.
My last rotation is the international assignment, which is probably one of the things I am looking forward to the most. Besides my rotations, I am going on different trainings. One of them is the BAT Academy, which is a 10-days training in London, where I will get the opportunity to meet other BAT Global Graduates from all over the world. During these days, I will receive an intensive amount of training, in order to prepare me to become a leader of the future. BAT puts a virtue into developing its employees and I am looking forward to getting this world-class training and develop myself even further.

I can only recommend the Global Graduate program to Graduates who want a fast-paced career with a steep learning curve.

Where I am now

1,5 years has passed since I wrote this blog post and my excitement about BAT’s Global Graduate program is still as high as when I wrote this blog post. I could easily write a new full page, of the experiences & development BAT has provided me the past 1,5 years. I have recently finalized the Global Graduate program and I will continue my journey with BAT as a Demand Planning Executive, for our Swedish market. I am very much looking forward to my new role and continue my fast development in the organization.

– Mathias, Global Graduate


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