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24 Jul 2020
Global Graduate
Life at BAT

My name is Jesper and I have recently joined BAT Northern Europe Area as a Global Graduate in Finance after finishing my studies at Aarhus University. I’ll share some of my thoughts and experiences at this stage of my career and give you some insights in what is coming up in the future as my program progresses.

First, I would like to highlight that even though I have only been in the company for a relatively short period of time, I have already got the opportunity to work on various projects in different locations, involving stakeholders from various functions. Therefore, the feeling of “being new” is a feeling that passes away very quickly here in BAT. In my opinion, that is a BIG advantage of this program.

My first rotation is in Financial Planning and Reporting, where I am acquiring a broad understanding of the financial processes within the group and knowledge on how we profit in the markets within the Northern Europe Area. That includes working with budgets, quarterly performance reviews etc.

After a few months in my current rotation I was assigned to run a project together with the Operation Finance team in one of our Snus factories in Sweden, where I have spent the last two months. The project has been a great in terms of getting an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come along in running a factory from a financial perspective. Unfortunately, my Swedish language skills didn’t improve much during my time there…

I will finish my current rotation in the beginning of 2019. Hereafter, I will move from Marketing Finance to work with the Revenue team and the Investment team. 2019 will also bring a 2-week training at BAT Academy in UK together with my fellow graduates from all over the world. Lastly, I have my international assignment coming up as my final rotation. The location has still not been decided. However, together with the rest of what 2019 brings, it is something that I am VERY excited about.

Where I am now

A lot has happened since I wrote this blog 1.5 years ago. I recently came home from London where I was posted on an international assignment for 5 months. I have now finalized the Global Graduate program and have taken a role in Strategic Planning, where I am working with exciting new categories across the Nordics. I look forward to continue my development within the organization, and am curios to find out where this journey will take me.

– Jesper, Global Graduate


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